Being strong believers in education, GEKY Services seeks to place you on the right path with a course that will open up your future.
Most of us graduate high school, enter University and still wonder if we studying the right thing in the right place. Some end up dropping out because it is not what they thought it would be. While others study what their parents decide is best for them and then they end up depressed and later blaming their parents for the unfulfilling career they find themselves in.

Finding the right course of study can be a headache for most students; this is where we come in. With our years of experience in the field of education, and the provision of academic assistance to students looking for a suitable university counter, we feel we are in the perfect position to give students the correct advice they need.

The choice of program is not the only factor that we take into consideration when we advise students. We are committed to providing accurate and meaningful guidance to students so they can be placed on a course that meets their individual needs, their character, their style, and ultimately something that will help define them as individuals.

Allow us here at MKS Travel & Tours Ltd. to give you the correct guidance; the guidance that will enable you to make your choice the right one.

Please complete our convenient e-mail enquiry and a qualified representative will contact you within the next working day.

We believe everyone deserves an education regardless of their financial status!